Modern Eyelash Extensions



Semi Lash Extensions $109 35 mins

Lashes will be immediately lengthened and thickened with a full set of lash extensions. With multiple sizes available you can choose the level of drama you want for your lashes.
Semi Lash Extension Fill $35 40 mins

Replace any fallen lashes with a fill where required of new lash extensions. Previously applied lashes re strengthened.


Single Lash Extensions $100 90 mins

Individual lashes are applied to each individual eyelash. Multiple sizes in lashes so you can choose the level of drama


Single Lash Refill $60 80 mins

Replacement lashes are applied to any fallen lashes. Remaining lashes re strengthened


Lash extension soak off $35 40 mins

Lash extensions will be soaked off using safe remover. This will ensure your lashes do not become damaged from removal


Lash Tint and Lift $85 60 mins